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“COLD CARD” Original Artwork by MXF βš”πŸŽ¨βš‘


Second bitcoin original from Made X Forever to hit 21X in 2019.

Playboy meets COLD CARD in a 6iX.15IVE (6.15 BTC) inspired masterpiece. Got your minimum 6.15? Got your BTB’s? Got your COLD CARD? Good, complement your achievements with this 1/1 Original from Made X Forever. RARE

COLD CARD is the most POWERFUL hardware wallet in bitcoin, if you’re not using one for +6.15 storage, you’re doing it FUCKING wrong. DON’T TRUST, VERIFY! Get your COLD CARD NOW. Do not be intimidated, the learning curve will make you a valuable bitcoiner. YOU ARE THE FIRST DEFENSE, FUCKING OWN THAT RESPONSIBILITY

A big thanks to American HODL, who brought to light the bridge that so beautifully connects MXF with the bitcoin universe. God bless our BTB’s and ETERNAL RICHES <3

12″ x 16″ on birch wood panel

Vires in Numeris πŸ”’βš”

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